UPDATE (2015-07-01)

Today, Fitbit rolled out a new update to the Android application.

Fitbit firmware update

NOTE: Not had a chance to try this as my Fibit doesn’t need updating now, but I’ll give it a go at the next available update.

TLDR; Tried to update Fitbit Charge HR firmware via the last Android App and it toasted the Fitbit. My advice is to do firmware updates using a PC or Mac.

##Happy birthday to me

I just celebrated a birthday over the weekend and was stoked to receive a Fitbit Charge HR. After a quick wrestle with the what seems to be superglued box I cracked the watch onto my wrist. First thing you need to do once the device pairs with your phone, PC or Mac is to update its firmware. This is typical of anything you buy these days, its a no skip, must do scenario as far as the device is concerned.

##Ah well I thought, this should be painless

No going forward until this is done, best just get let it get on with it. For the record (and I think its an important record) I chose to update the Fitbit via my Android phone.

So the first attempt at this took the Fitbit progress bar to 50%… And sat there.. And then sat there a bit more.. Then a lovely “!” appeared over the 50% progress bar. Great.

##Retry it said

So I tested my internet was all good on the phone (as directed) and tried again. Repeat of the above..

##Some frustrating time later

So after 3-4 attempts I decided it was time to consult the internet. Most of it drew blanks, BUT, and it’s a big but and I cannot lie, those who had similar scenarios managed to fix it by upgrading the device via their PC or Mac.
With the PC Fitbit Connect downloaded I tried this route. Once the WiFi dongle updated (yeh, another update!) it wouldn’t connect to my Fitbit at all! At this point the exclamation wasn’t leaving the screen at all.

##Game over man

I decided at this point the device was toast. Back to the shops for an exchange and this time I updated it via the PC in the first instance and well what do you know. It worked with no issues.

##Wot I reckon

So one of three things are at fault here, or maybe all!

  1. The Fitbit I had was stuffed to start with
  2. The Android app managed a partial upgrade and then toasted it (ftw)
  3. The Android app shouldn’t allow firmware updates to the Fitbit device! There is too many margins for error on a mobile phone and I’m surprised they don’t just enforce people to use a PC or Mac to perform the upgrade.

##In conclusion

Don’t use the Android app prior to v2.7.3 to update your Fitbit firmware.

##In other news

I love my Fitbit and have started getting stats out of Fitbit.com to use on this blog. I’ll write an article soon on how I am doing this.